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    “ Started my journey with Zerodha as a newbie who didnt know what was a stock market, but its great to have a support from zerodha who actually welcome newbies like us and help us know about the markets from their educational website called VARSITY. Thank You Karthik for such a lovely description which really helps learning all about stock markets. I have been so comfortable with learning as well as starting with my experimental trading on a delivery based where there is actually no brokerage that is charged as well as investing in direct mutual funds which can really secure our investments and give a good return with absolutely no brokerage charged or any hidden costs. Many more things yet to learn, but am sure zerodha will support me every time I need a helping hand like you guys have always. All in all, am a very happy customer and am sure to recommend all my friends and colleagues. Cheeers Guyzz ”

    Nischal T Hiremath
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    “ Zerodha is truly the pioneer of stock broking industry and also a preferable choice for anyone in the stock market. Its cost model and ever innovating nature keeps them ahead in the game. Its pretty good to see a discount broker which such low costs are bringing up products like Coin that offers direct mutual funds. The only thing they need to work on is their trading platform and make it stable for a better trading experience and launch margin funding. These two will make them unbeatable. I see a lot of new brokers offering lower charges than Zerodha. But what is important is their credibility in the market. Risking your trading experience and your hard earned money to save a couple of bucks is not worth it. Every broker have their own pros and cons. But i'd any day recommend Zerodha over other broker. ”

    Yash Panani

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