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    “ 1. The biggest issue is the platform is so slow that on several occasions you end up loosing the margin you created after making a position . 2. On several occasions the trade bar stays stuck on a particular price ex - 500 rs , no matter whatever scrip you place . 3. Some times whatever scrip you type in it shows not available . 4 . for 2& 3 above you need to login again and start the trade by that time your desired price is gone 5. Its a very bad option for DAY TRADING , as if the risk involved with day trading wasnt sufficient ? SBI CAP securities makes it even much more riskier due to its tortoise like speed . by the time you finish confirm the prices are gone . 6. This is one site site which asks you to press OK button on too many occassions . examples below ... as soon as you log in , press ok after knowing how many day old your password is .. or else you cant trade . if you log in 10 times in a day due to the platforms sluggishness you need to press OK ten times just to arrive at the trad ”

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    “ best broker in india ”

    mukesh janapurkar

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