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Year of Incorporation 2012 - Started sub Brokers for Alice Blue - Now unit of Ashlar Group
Website http://www.wisdomcapital.in
Phone 1800-3000-5048
Exchanges enabled NSE, BSE, MCX, & NCDEX
Demat (NSDL/CDSL) NSDL/CDSL - Partnership with Globe Capital Markets
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Financial Health

Equity & Commodity Consolidated

Look for Brokerages with higher profit, low debt, higher Profit to Equity Ratio   which will indicate the profitability based on capital deployed, and atleast Rs 50 crores Balance sheet size. If a broker is in financial trouble, it will first start showing up on his balance sheet, watch out for the brokerages with and

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Profit after Tax FY11/12 Not Filed
Profit after Tax FY12/13 Not Filed
Profit after Tax FY13/14 Not Filed
Profit after Tax FY 14/15
Profit after Tax FY 15/16
Profit after Tax FY 16/17
Debt FY11/12 Not Filed
Debt FY12/13 Not Filed
Debt FY13/14 Not Filed
Debt FY14/15
Debt FY15/16
Debt FY 16/17
Profit to Equity(%) FY11/12 Not Filed
Profit to Equity(%) FY12/13 Not Filed
Profit to Equity(%) FY13/14 Not Filed
Profit to Equity(%) FY14/15
Profit to Equity(%) FY15/16
Profit to Equity(%) FY16/17
Balance Sheet Size FY11/12 Not Filed
Balance Sheet Size FY12/13 Not Filed
Balance Sheet Size FY13/14 Not Filed
Balance Sheet Size FY14/15
Balance Sheet Size FY15/16
Balance Sheet Size FY16/17
Online Presence
Online Presence

Google trend over time

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Active clients

Active clients data source: NSE, as on end of every calendar year in December. Active client is one who has traded atleast once a year. Brokers whose active clients are trending up, would mean happy clients and hence better to trade with.

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Active clients - 2013 NA
Active clients - 2014 NA
Active clients - 2015 NA
Active clients - 2016 NA
Active clients - 2017
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Equity Upfront Schemes :Unlimited for Rs 999/PM, Rs 5555/year, Rs 9999/Lifetime, Rs. 9 per Trade Plan
Equity Futures Upfront Schemes :Unlimited for Rs 999/PM, Rs 5555/year, Rs 9999/Lifetime, Rs. 9 per Trade Plan
Equity Options Upfront Schemes :Unlimited for Rs 999/PM, Rs 5555/year, Rs 9999/Lifetime, Rs. 9 per Trade Plan
Currency Futures Upfront Schemes :Unlimited for Rs 999/PM, Rs 5555/year, Rs 9999/Lifetime, Rs. 9 per Trade Plan
Currency Options Upfront Schemes :Unlimited for Rs 999/PM, Rs 5555/year, Rs 9999/Lifetime, Rs. 9 per Trade Plan
Commodity Upfront Schemes :Unlimited for Rs 999/PM, Rs 5555/year, Rs 9999/Lifetime, Rs. 9 per Trade Plan
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Account Opening Costs

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Trading only Free
Trading & Demat Lifetime Demat maintenance Charges : 700/-
Commodity Free
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Transparency & other costs

Double check on if you are paying much higher other/turnover costs, make sure to compare

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Equity 0.0035% of Turnover
Futures 0.0028% of Turnover
Options 0.06% of Premium Turnover
Commodities 0.0025% of Turnover
AMC charge Rs 200/Year
DP Transaction Charge Rs 14/Debit Transaction
Offline order placing Charge Rs 20/ Executed Order
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Web/HTML 5
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Intraday 22 Days
End of Day 10 Years
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Online Trade Reports  
Online PNL Reports  
Online Contract Notes  
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Leverage Provided

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Equity Upto 10 times for Intraday, & 0 for Delivery
Equity Futures Upto 5 times for Intraday
Equity Options No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 2 times
Currency Futures Upto 2 times for Intraday
Currency Options No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 2 times
Commodity Upto 5 times for Intraday
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Support & Tools

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Research & Tips
Brokerage Calculator
Margin Calculator
Bracket orders & Trailing Stoploss
Training & Education
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3 in 1 Account
Instant Fund withdrawal
Relationship Managers

Reviews on WisdomCapital


11 May 2014

Hi, I am actively trading with Wisdom Capital Jun 2013. Excellent Customer care services. Transparent & charging lowest turnover charges in the industry. I would request admin of this site to amend few things :- (i) They are Pvt Ltd company you must mention it. Full name is Wisdomcapital Advisors Pvt Ltd. (ii) They are not merely subbrokers as mentioned by you rather they are channel partners of F6 finserve, AB, Global Datafeeds etc. (iii) Account opening and DP account opening cost is zero. (iv)Brokerage is 9/- order (v) Turnover charges is 250 for nse as well. (vi) trailing stop loss is available. Hope it will help your site to make more authentic. regards Op Chandna


15 May 2014

They are cheats, they dont deliver on anything they promis

Navneet Sharma

18 May 2014

How could you say that? Please elaborate.

Navneet Sharma

18 May 2014

Wisdom is best Broker in the town for active traders like me. They are charging lowest brokerage yet providing excellent customer care services. Earlier I was trading with Zerodha/RKGlobal and SAS. But Wisdom is best in my view. If you have doubt just open an account and let me know.


18 May 2014

You guys SPAM everywhere possible, have you looked at the table above, you guys are not even main brokerages, why should anyone open an account with u when we can directly open with the main brokerage you are affiliated to. Google trends doesn't pick your data, you haven't filed your financial returns, looks to me like a big scam.

Sinha Rawat

28 August 2014

haha Navneet, smell the coffee... your words not matching the figures on top? - No Ullu Banoing!


15 October 2015

worst broker I have ever see I have open account and it was a mistake. ... Navneet u have lots of good jocks... Good Luck

Amandeep Singh Sandhu

23 November 2014

How biased you guys are (team Compare Brokerages). Due to your negative comments I have avoided Wisdom Capital. But you guys must feel shame on your part. At least you correct their phone No !!!! Does in anywhere in the world have 9 Digits phone No which you have mentioned in your site. Neither you have mentioned correctly that they are offering Free Demat or trading account. Turnover charges also they are offering lowest in the industry in commodities. Please correct those things you jokers. Due to your crap comments I have avoided such an excellent service provider. Now after opening account I have came to know what exactly I was missing without Wisdom Capital. Better wake up.

abol tabol

14 December 2014

Wisdom Capital Rocks, sir.

abol tabol

14 December 2014

Wisdom Capital is my dream broker. This is what I have been waiting for long. A Trader needs three things to become successful other than self discipline. i.e. Lowest Brokerage, Better customer care & Best Trading terminal. Wisdom Capital is the best broker in town in terms of these features. All the very best Wisdom Capital !!!!

ram kumar

28 December 2014

Best Broker in India is WC


21 May 2015

"Wisdom Capital : Traders Paradise " : Indeed I do agree with them. Wisdom is best broker so far I have opened account with approx 8/10 brokers. But Wisdom is best among them when it comes to customer care services. Such a great services with unbelievable lowest fees is really commendable !!! Keep Rocking Wisdom Capital !!!!! 10 marks given from my side.


04 January 2016

Wisdom Capital Lifetime Plans @ Rs 9999/- is unique in nature and no broker can beat their Festive session Discounts.


05 January 2016

Excellent Broker is Wisdom Capital.

Rolta Arnold

29 January 2016

Good Broker.


02 June 2016

I have opened account in Wisdom Capital. They are offering live data-feed & Alpha trading system free of cost.

Aakash Khetrapal

19 October 2016

Wisdom Capital currently offering 1947/- lifetime plans. Your comparison is mismatching with wisdom capital official site. Please have a look in the matter. regards


03 August 2017

Wisdom capital have 3 variant of products. FREEDOM PLAN:- Account Opening - Free Validity - Lifetime Brokerage in FNO (NSE/MCX) - ZERO (0%) Brokerage in Cash - ZERO (0%) Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX - 2X MIS & 10X in Cover Order Intraday Exposure In Options - 1X Intraday Margin In Cash - Upto 5X MIS Delivery Margin In Cash - 1X Call & Trade Charges - 20/Executed Order Free Demat Opening - Yes Demat Maintenance Cost - Lifetime 999+ Taxes (1180.00) Trading Software Nest Free For other two variant please refer below link. https://wisdomcapital.in/brokerage-plan/

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