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SBICAP Securities
SBICAP Securities


Year of Incorporation 1994 2001
Phone 98447900001 1800 209 9345
Exchanges enabled NSE, BSE & MCX NSE & BSE
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Financial Health

Equity & Commodity Consolidated

Look for Brokerages with higher profit, low debt, higher Profit to Equity Ratio   which will indicate the profitability based on capital deployed, and atleast Rs 50 crores Balance sheet size. If a broker is in financial trouble, it will first start showing up on his balance sheet, watch out for the brokerages with and

Profit after Tax FY11/12 - Rs 11.21 Lakhs Rs 4.03 Crores
Profit after Tax FY12/13 -Rs 11.08 Lakhs Rs 2.42 Crores
Profit after Tax FY13/14 Rs 19.9 Lakhs - Rs 8.01 Crores
Profit after Tax FY 14/15 Rs 55.07 Lakhs - Rs 17.5 Crores
Profit after Tax FY 15/16 - Rs 15.0 Crores
Profit after Tax FY 16/17 Rs 1.6 Lakhs Rs 26.06 Cores
Profit after Tax FY17/18 - Rs 2.1 Lakhs Rs 75.5 Crores
Debt FY11/12 Rs 87 Lakhs Rs 12.46 Lakhs
Debt FY12/13 Rs 1.15 Crores Rs 14.51 Lakhs
Debt FY13/14 Rs 2.94 Crores Rs 20.1 Lakhs
Debt FY14/15 Rs 2.04 Crores 0
Debt FY15/16 Nil Rs 14.9 Crores
Debt FY 16/17 Nil Rs 24.05 Crores
Debt FY 17/18 Nil Rs 41.2 Crores
Profit to Equity(%) FY11/12 (2.01) 5.38
Profit to Equity(%) FY12/13 (2.07) 2.27
Profit to Equity(%) FY13/14 9.08 (6.69)
Profit to Equity(%) FY14/15 10 (14)
Profit to Equity(%) FY15/16 (11)
Profit to Equity(%) FY16/17 3 22
Profit to Equity(%) FY17/18 (3) 53
Balance Sheet Size FY11/12 Rs 9.8 Crores Rs 127.1 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY12/13 Rs 9.4 Crores Rs 172.7 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY13/14 Rs 12.32 Crores Rs 189 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY14/15 Rs 13.69 Crores Rs 180 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY15/16 Rs 211 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY16/17 Rs 74.7 Lakhs Rs 280.5 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY17/18 Rs 78.8 Lakhs Rs 1620.8 Crores
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Online Presence
Online Presence

Google trend over time

Active clients

Active clients data source: NSE, as on end of every calendar year in December. Active client is one who has traded atleast once a year. Brokers whose active clients are trending up, would mean happy clients and hence better to trade with.

Active clients - 2013 970 68,328
Active clients - 2014 NA 1,13,810
Active clients - 2015 1,145 1,25,828
Active clients - 2016 1,532 1,53,603
Active clients - 2017 1,274 2,09,353
Active clients - 2018 1,526 2,10,073
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Equity Rs 18/executed order or 0.06% whichever is lower 0.05% for Intraday, 0.5% for Delivery
Equity Futures Rs 18/executed order or 0.006% whichever is lower 0.05% of Turnover
Equity Options Rs 18/executed order or 0.006% whichever is lower Rs 100/lot
Currency Futures Rs 18/executed order or 0.006% whichever is lower 0.03% of Turnover
Currency Options Rs 18/executed order or 0.006% whichever is lower Rs 30/lot
Commodity Rs 18/executed order or 0.006% whichever is lower NA
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Account Opening Costs

Trading only Rs 300 for Printing & Rs 500 for a couriered form NA
Trading & Demat Rs 300 for Printing & Rs 500 for a couriered form Rs 850
Commodity Rs 300 for Printing & Rs 500 for a couriered form NA
Account Opening Costs Rating

Transparency & other costs

Double check on if you are paying much higher other/turnover costs, make sure to compare

Equity 0.00375% on Turnover   0.00325% of Turnover
Futures 0.00375% on Turnover   0.0019%
Options 0.075% on Premium Turnover   0.05% of Turnover
Commodities 0.00375%   NA
AMC charge Rs 300/Year Rs 350/year
DP Transaction Charge Buying: 0.02% or Rs 10 whichever higher Selling: 0.03% or Rs 15.5 whichever higher   Rs 21/debit instruction or 0.01% whichever is higher
Offline order placing Charge Rs 18/executed order Nil
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Web/HTML 5
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Intraday 5 days Upto 5 days on ODIN
End of Day 10 Years Upto 5 years on ODIN
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Online Trade Reports
Online PNL Reports
Online Contract Notes
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Leverage Provided

Equity Upto 5 Times for Intraday trading, 0 for Delivery Upto 5 times for Intraday, Upto 2 times for Delivery@interest
Equity Futures Upto 3 times for Intraday No Intraday Leverage
Equity Options Buying no Leverage, Shorting upto 3 times for Intraday No Intraday Leverage
Currency Futures Upto 2 times for Intraday No Intraday Leverage
Currency Options NA No Intraday Leverage
Commodity Upto 2 times for Intraday NA
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Support & Tools

Research & Tips
Brokerage Calculator
Margin Calculator
Bracket orders & Trailing Stoploss
Training & Education
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3 in 1 Account
Instant Fund withdrawal
Relationship Managers
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